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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Leo Stru aka Leonardo DiHapprio

Leo Strut (also known as “Leonardo DiHapprio”) is a photoshopped exploitable that uses an image taken of Leonardo DiCaprio during the filming of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. The original image is of DiCaprio doing a jolly strut down a street, but has been photo shopped into several scenes that usually depict a catastrophe or terrible happening, similar to Disaster Girl. DiCaprio is shopped into the scene, as if he could have stopped the incident or helped people nearby, but instead continues throughout the scene doing his jolly strut.
The original picture was taken on set during filming of the 2010 sci-fi movie Inception, which in itself generated significant volume of internet buzz and user-generated parodies, most notably the Inception multi-panesInception Catand Inception mash up videos. The single topic tumblr “Fuck Yeah Strutting Leo” was created on August 29, 2010.

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